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William Ruto

William Ruto -President of Kenya
Full name is William Kipchirchir Samoei Arap Ruto. He was born on December 21, 1966. He is now one of the richest people in Kenya. William Ruto’s net worth is more than $450 million Dollars. There are so many people who want to know about This wealthiest man’s income history. We have tried to show you the most 10 expensive things of William Ruto.

10 Most Expensive Things That William Ruto Owned

10. Weston Hotel

One of the largest hotel owners in Kenya, William Ruto owns some of the biggest & best hotels in the country. They attract both the rich & famous as well as tourists from abroad.

His Weston hotel is located on Langata Road, right opposite Wilson Airport, and sits a good distance from all the noise of the airport and the Road surrounding it.

Ruto’s 4-star hotel features luxurious sweets that are individually designed and the hotel’s number of upmarket stairs including the Lelai restaurant.

When he fancy drinks, Ruto can head along to the VIP Babu lounge, sip cocktails at club Weston, or take time out in the pool and sauna.

Traditional Kenyan afternoon tea is served daily on the terrace and for those looking for a wake-up call, a safari coffee shop is an amazing place for a coffee.

Weston Hotel 

9. Amaco Insurance

One of the main shareholders in Amaco Insurance, This firm makes millions every single day and is currently worth an estimated $50 million USD.

Deputy President Ruto has access to a strong asset and unique country-wide branch network with top-quality services.

African Merchant Assurance Company Limited was incorporated in Kenya in the year of 2000 and licensed to transact general insurance business.

Amaco Insurance 

8. Range Rover Sport

The first in a series of cars that belong to Deputy President William Ruto. His Range Rover sport gives him a smooth and powerful ride with navigation control, and parking assistance and has a roomy & comfortable interior.

His Range Rover is thought to have cost around $80,000 dollars & comes with a top speed between 124.9 to 175.8 with 221 horsepower & 0-60 in just 7.2 seconds.

Ruto has access to some amazing onboard technology including a 3G Wifi hotspot, the remote premium for connecting all smartphones & its own built SOS system.  The car has its own tracking system should it be stolen and should it break down, thereat direct call available to Land Rover assistance.

Range Rover Sport

7. Uasin Gishu mansion

Built on the shores of a massive lake and surrounded by high walls. This palatial place is said to be the home of Willam Ruto and is located in Moiben.

sitting on 20 acres,  the land where the property sits is thought to have been purchased by route in 2015 and has the main mansion as well as six other houses at the end of the compound.

the lake has a large path with a gazebo at the end and other features include a private airstrip with the whole compound powered by solar power and wind.

Uasin Gishu mansion

6. Toyota Land Cruiser

mainly used by William router to travel around friends’ farms and countryside retreats his Toyota land cruiser features a top speed of 108.7 miles per hour.

Ruto’s cruiser includes ruby’s first and second-row seats strong engine performance and good predicted reliability.

ruto’s car has 19-inch bi-tone dark gray machine face alloy wheels. JBL premium sound system with 14 speakers and multi-terrain select help with those sudden weather changes out in the wilderness. It thought William Ruto paid roughly $70,000 USD for his cruiser.

Toyota Land Cruiser

5. 680 Hotel

located in Nairobi city center the centrum 680 hotel offers affordable and relaxing accommodation with easy access to most of Nairobi’s famous attractions.

after passing through the reception area guests have access to the new central pay bar and lounge area with the coffee shop.

680 Hotel

4. Private Helicopter

William roto has access to his own private helicopter to travel for business meetings and conduct government business in neighboring counties and other places within Kenya.

Ruto has access to a number of helicopters however he is thought to own an airbus h145 which he flies in regularly.

The airbus H145 comes with a price tag of between $2 million-$5 million dollars and can travel up to 500 kilometers in a single flight.

airbus h145

3. Karen Mansion

Known as the hustler’s mansion this massive home is now thought to have been turned into a private guest house.

The party that Ruto belongs to were apparently unhappy with him and decided to try and evict him from the property and instigated impeachment proceedings that never ended up happening.

Karen Mansion

2.  Rental Empire

company located in on garter Rongai, this block of 72 flats was recently let to the national police force for reduced fees and it’s understood that Ruto lost out on a considerable amount of income from the decision.

named Ogata Rongai the Ruto family also owns a number of other properties including the Osea flats which house 170 properties and Easington apartments which feature another 100 apartments.

1.Hublot Big Bang Watch

when William roto is traveling for business purposes telling the time is a must and he gets to do this in style thanks to his Hublot big bang rose gold wristwatch.

this watch has a price tag that not many can afford but thanks to his millions Ruto isn’t estimated to have paid somewhere in the region of $70,000 Dollars.

Hublot Big Bang Watch

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