7 Cool Fact About Artificial intelligence That Everyone Must Know, Don't Miss

AI is a Smart Replacement of Human Workforce. It Reduce business operational cost by solving significant problems without human efforts.

AI Pets will help to make life easier. Although Real pets have emotion & love. But you will get more advantages from AI. You don't need to care of, feeding & clean up it.

Artificial Intelligence can predict earthquakes and volcanoes and many other natural disasters

Most AI Bots are Female like Alexa, Siri. Because various studies show that human prefer to listen woman voice as compared to the male.

A robot can repair itself, if it feel that performance has been degraded after losing its legs.

Humans can Develop Romantic Relationship with AI. It will be possible to marriage between Human and Robots at 2050

AI Helps in Health of Hardware and Software Systems. Robot helping us to fight the cancer

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