How To Earn Money On Facebook $500 Every Day

How To Earn Money On Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular social communication sites in the world. There is no one person who is attached on Facebook at least Asia region. How about if you can earn from Facebook? Now it’s not unknown all that everyone can earn from Facebook. It’s all about earning from YouTube channels. Today we are here to present the way of income from Facebook. And we will also show you the criteria of earn from Facebook.

You know that you can earn from YouTube through ad monetization. You can also are by affiliate marketing advertising sponsorship and etc. As like you can also earn if you have a Facebook page and who is is complete the criteria of Facebook monetization.

Let’s check the criteria of Facebook monetization you can earn money by show ads on your Facebook page.

First of all, you need to know that you must have a Facebook page or business page. It’s not the Facebook profile you have to clear out. After that, you need to fulfill some other criteria for monetizing your Facebook page.

First of all you have to confirm that all of your Facebook face video lengths should be more than 3 minutes.

After that, you must have 10000 hours was a time in the last 60 days on your Facebook page. And all the video has to see more than 1 minute continuously for every viewer. One more thing is you have a minimum of 5 videos on your page.

The important criterion of Facebook monetization is 10000 followers. It means you must have 10000 followers on your Facebook page for monetization.

After that, you can easily get your Facebook monetization and you can set up ads on your Facebook videos. This is the way that how can you get money from Facebook by monetization.

You can check whether you are eligible for Facebook monetization or not on the Facebook creator studio. They are you can get the option of monetization and it can check theirs easily. You can also boost your popular videos to get more followers.

After completing your ads monetization on your Facebook page, You can easily earn more than $500 dollar daily. You just need to keep patient & hard work for it. You can also earn other methods on your Facebook page. The important thing is you need to popular your page first. After that, you can use it for various kinds of income methods. Hope that you got the point. Don’t forget to comment with your opinion about these tips.

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